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The administration of a deceased family member's estate can be an emotionally trying time. However, it is also important to carry out the final wishes of the people you care about the most. Ensure fair and clear proceedings with the Law Offices of Kelton M. Burgess. We are your trustworthy probate lawyer in Pittsburgh and Butler County, PA. Our estate probate attorney provides targeted advice and service that allows you to distribute your loved one's estate with certainty and confidence.

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What a Probate Attorney Does

A probate attorney is a legal professional who can provide counsel and court representation in matters regarding estate administration. In other words, an estate probate attorney facilitates the administration of a deceased person's assets and belongings. While a last will and testament can provide instructions on how the deceased would like their wishes to be carried out, property disputes and claims from third parties may hold up the process. On top of that, other parties, such as creditors, may dispute claims.

These scenarios may escalate into court action, where a judge may arbitrate how the estate should be administered. Or, in the event that a last will and testament have not been submitted, such proceedings are necessary to settle any outstanding claims. In either of these cases, it helps to have an experienced probate attorney on your side.

The Knowledgeable Estate Probate Lawyer

Don't leave the legacy of the deceased to the unknown. Our estate probate lawyer navigates the verbiage and language of wills and documents to provide a clear, no-nonsense picture of an individual's final wishes. Our lawyer can advise you on reasonable courses of action you can take, as well as provide counsel on a wide range of probate issues. We host free, hour-long consultations to all clients. As a result, you gain a solid foundation on what to expect with estate administration, as well as the various ways we can help you. Our probate lawyer takes a personalized approach to service so you get the attention you deserve.

The Assertive Estate Probate Attorney

A fact of life is that not all estate administration proceedings go smoothly. Claim disputes, confusing document verbiage, and even opportunistic relatives can complicate the distribution of an estate. Whether you are attempting to assert a claim or dispute it, our estate probate attorney is available to represent you. Our legal team has established a respectable presence in the courts. As such, you can have confidence knowing that your interests are being represented in a fair and professional manner.

Contact us today to learn how to a probate attorney can work for you. We proudly serve clients throughout Pittsburgh, Butler County, Washington, Greensburg, Wexford, and Cranberry Township, PA.

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