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Gun Trusts in Pittsburgh and Butler County, PA

Firearms are a time-honored right in the United States. Every citizen is afforded the right to own guns. However, with that right come responsibilities. It is essential to bear in mind the stipulations of state and federal laws when your estate includes the transfer of arms. At the Law Offices of Kelton M. Burgess, we work with you to secure the safe and legal transfer of your guns. Gun trusts in Pittsburgh and Butler County, PA, allow you to keep your rifles, pistols, shotguns, and NFA-identified weapons in a legally binding agreement that makes it easier to transfer ownership. Our gun trust attorney can walk you through the steps of establishing this instrument so your trustees and beneficiaries can carry out your estate in a lawful manner.

Choose a gun trust lawyer who is well-versed in firearms laws and the establishment of trusts. With more than 10 years of experience, our firm has developed the resources and expertise to provide targeted, personalized service. Thanks to our attention to detail and commitment to addressing your every need, the executor of your estate will be able to carry out your wishes faithfully.

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The Necessity of a Gun Trust Attorney

A gun trust attorney makes it easier to transfer your arsenal. Due to the stipulations of the National Firearms Act and the Gun Control Act, certain weapons, such as machine guns and short-barreled guns, must be registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. These "NFA weapons" may only be possessed and used by the registered owner.

In the event the owner dies and attempts to transfer ownership through a will, the assets are subject to costly probate proceedings, transfer penalties, and lengthy administrative obligations. On top of that, heritors and executors may be breaking the law while attempting to transfer a NFA weapon. Establishing a gun trust can circumvent such complications and make it easier to transfer NFA weapons.

The Accurate Gun Trust Lawyer

Opening a gun trust keeps your assets safe and streamlines the transfer of arms in the event of your death or incapacitation. You can appoint trustees and define who gets to own or use the firearms within the trust. As a result, transferring owners is a quicker process—and the assets will not be subject to probate proceedings. This also allows the executor of your estate to carry out his or her duties while remaining within the law.

Define the terms and secure the future of your estate with our gun trust lawyer. We examine your assets and can help determine which of your holdings benefit the most from a gun trust. Then, we allow you to choose trustees and set the rules for their membership. As a result, a pivotal component of your estate will be in good hands.

Contact us today and ensure the security of your assets with gun trusts. We proudly serve clients throughout Pittsburgh, Butler County, Washington, Greensburg, Wexford, and Cranberry Township, PA.

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