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Conservatorship in Pittsburgh and Butler County, PA

An unfortunate certainty in this world is that accidents can happen at any time. So, too, can the sudden and unexpected incapacitation of a family member. When you need help deciding who should act on behalf of your loved one, count on the Law Offices of Kelton M. Burgess to be at your side. A conservatorship in Pittsburgh and Butler County, PA, assigns who will manage a family member's estate in the event he or she cannot act on their own. Our experienced guardianship lawyer works with you so that your family establishes a legal conservatorship that looks out for your loved one's needs.

Guardian Signing Legal Documents in Pittsburgh, PA

What a Legal Conservatorship Is

A legal conservatorship is a court order issued by a judge that establishes an individual, the "conservator," to act on someone else's behalf in the event he or she becomes incapacitated. Normally, subjects who would require this order include patients of late-stage Alzheimer's disease, coma, or another serious illness. In many cases, establishing a living will while the subject is still able can circumvent the necessity for conservatorship proceedings.

Also known as an "adult guardianship," the legal conservatorship can be appointed in two ways. For example, one individual may be appointed as the "conservator of the estate," who will manage the financial affairs of the conservatee. Another person, known as the "conservator of the person," is required to manage the health care and treatment decisions for the conservatee. In either scenario, the conservator is legally obligated to carry out these responsibilities and file documentation on a regular basis with the courts.

The Importance of a Guardianship Lawyer

Ensure that you secure the best interests for your family member with our guardianship lawyer. Commonly, courts appoint spouses, adult children, or close relatives for conservatorship. It is important, then, that the correct person is qualified to take on these responsibilities. For the sake of the conservatee's financial and medical integrity, your family must make the right choice.

Don't let uncertainty or unscrupulous opportunists compromise the future of your loved one. Our guardianship lawyer will work with you so that your conservatorship meets your conservatee's needs, as well as meets the requirements mandated by the courts. Thanks to our extensive experience in establishing adult guardianships, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you have the knowledge and confidence to fulfill your duties. We offer free, one-hour consultations so you establish a functional knowledge of what to expect when entering a conservatorship.

Contact us today to prepare for your conservatorship. We proudly serve clients throughout Pittsburgh, Butler County, Washington, Greensburg, Wexford, and Cranberry Township, PA.

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